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Bubbles, smiles and more bubbles

One of the positives to living in the desert (don’t laugh, you knew there had to at least be one) is that at least it’s not cold in the summer so we can go out and play. On the other hand it does get disgustingly hot to where I can’t go outside without getting a headache. So on the rare days that there is a slight breeze and not a huge gusting wind I like to take advantage of it.  So I grabbed Jr’s baseball bat and ball and the bubbles and we headed outside. I even managed to get one of the kids to drag, I mean get the hubs outside. This was Shawns first time actually blowing bubbles. Usually he just chases them but now that we have a spill proof bubble thing I let him play with it. He loved it. Must have blown bubbles for 30 minutes. And he actually did pretty good at blowing them. Of course he tried putting it up at his lips at first but hey, haven’t we all done that one time or another 😉

This is Jr’s “Daaaaaaaaaad” look. He must have done something silly to get that look
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