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Before & After

Well it’s not so much a before and after it’s more like a with flash and without LOL Photography is one of my passions. I’ve never seen myself anywhere near professional status which is fine by me, although one day I would love to take classes and learn more about my camera and how to utilize it to it’s full potential. A dream of mine is to take pictures of natural settings, whether it be a farmer herding cow, a girl getting water from a stream or a tornado. My husband is going to school for meteorological science so maybe when he’s out chasing tornado’s I can be by his side taking pictures of them. My picture taking goes in spurts. Sometimes I can go a week without taking a single picture and the following week I will take 100 pictures in one day.
Okay I’m rambling now, the reason for this post was to show a scene that I thought was pretty. One with a flash and one without. I WISH I had my nikon and not my little point and shoot cause the quality on the picture sucks. But it will have to do.
This was at my parents house a couple weeks ago.